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'Baskerville Places' are places that are associated with the Baskerville family in some way, or which include the family name 'Baskerville' as part of the place name.

British Isles


  1. Parish of Eardisley
  2. Eardisley Castle
  3. Eardisley Parish Church of St. Mary Magdalene
  4. Eardisley Font (within the Church)


Western Australia

  1. Cape Baskerville, near Broome
  2. Baskerville, Upper Swan
  3. Baskerville Street, Mundijong
  1. Baskerville, near Bridgewater


ex-Bombay Presidency

  1. Bombay/Mumbai
  2. Poona/Pune
  3. Sholapur
ex-Portugese India
  1. Goa

United States of America


  1. Mecklenburg

Other Baskerville Places

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